Culicerto girls-1.jpg

What can you expect at our shoot (and some misc. and terribly unsolicited ramblings)?


first off, we will be cool as cucumbers.  all of us!  yes - even that family member who has a particular inclination to loathe the camera.  i have one or two of these, so i know this type well! 

i don't use props....... mostly.  i wasn't in theatre, actually steered very clear of it and although set design is impressive (hello - i love Anthropolgie) i barely know what to do with my own limbs, i can't imagine placing props around a scene and having my subjects interact all the while being natural.  ok, i've been known to have a blanket which i think helps fall photos look extra cozy, but besides that, I really prefer to stay natural and well, un-propped. is that even a word?  

what should you wear?  in all honesty, and not to hold the indifferent and very un-helpful position, i truly can't help but to say, "whatever you feel best and are most comfortable in!" i think this goes back to my preference to keep the scene natural feeling.  i believe strongly in showing up to the shoot in your own person - how others know you and most importantly how your loved ones and you love you.  be your everyday person.....  ok, maybe your date night self.  now, if i do need to be more specific, i'd suggest not wearing anything with logos, writing or cartoon characters.  unless this is a senior shoot, and i think some graphic tees can really capture a teen in their element and in their time.  we can relax this emily post moment in this particular scenario.  otherwise, i think solid colors or classic patterns (read: plaid here) look particularly nice.  patterns might be best if worn by just one person in the shoot, otherwise the patterns will compete with one another and be distracting in the final image.  i always love white in the summer and anything that brings out the color of your eyes.  In the fall and winter, scarves, hats, boots or even one funky high-heeled clad person would look amazing! you don't want to be so matched that it looks planned but if you have four people getting photographed, maybe two can have one coordinating piece or color.   

i really want you to dig deep and figure out what you want your final image to feel and look like.  where do you want the scene to play out?  what have you seen before that speaks to you. are you urban people and want to stroll through NoDa, Southend or the RailTrail, or is a Greenway or another more natural setting, even your backyard, more your family's pace?  consider these  things and let me know beforehand so I can scout the most natural fitting location.  and if you have ideas, i'd love to hear them!  a photo shoot is truly a collaboration.  and finally, this is so my love language, get your pictures printed!   i want you to love your photos and get them printed to hang in your home.

displaying your memories and giving yourself the opportunity as a family to remember over and over again.  if i had my wish, this would be everyone's ultimate goal.  to have images to pair with your memories of a time in your life that you collectively shared with one another.