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i feel a connection with all things "farmers market" and this was no exception.  Stephanie Rickenbacker made this similar comment to me last saturday morning at the market and i knew yet another reason why i feel connected and so happy for her and her seedling homegrown business venture.  we share a love of all things "market" as well as a few other notable items taking us back a couple decades.  (eeeew - that math is scary!)    i have watched stephanie's new venture from its infancy grow to what it is now and i couldn't be more proud and excited for her.  she seriously and humbly won't admit it, but i'd venture to say she has a cult following, me included.  i need to capture a picture of how the original business transactions actually "went down", and honestly, still do, and you too would have a sense of homegrown and organic pride for how it all started.  it seriously includes a legal pad list where each customer rights their name down, honor system style, a box of mason jars filled with yummy elderberry syrup waiting patiently in rows like little soldiers, and a legal sized envelope for your payment and any sort of change you might need in return, honor system style again, or you could use the mail drop for those wanting to get their money more securely inside.  all of this takes place on her sunny front porch in a quaint tree lined neighborhood in central charlotte.   

for a photographer, we don't always get to shoot things that touch us deeply and we are passionate about, but this was one of those projects and it was truly fun.  i felt a sense of wholeness afterwards and contentment in my journey as a photographer.   everything about it down to the setting, the day, the person, the product and the future it has, all melded together.  

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Sweet's Elderberry Syrup

homegrown, charlotte, nc

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