natural light family photographer with a passion for lifestyle/documentary photography.    

i am passionate about capturing the fleeting, precious moments of our lives in their beautifully real, honest and imperfect perfection.  

personally, it is important to capture my own family's everyday moments, to print the images, display them in our home and to create albums that speak to all of our good times past.  we can then review our print collections in the years to come and feel again, the emotions that we were feeling at the time the images were taken.  so, this is what I want to help others do, to preserve their moments together in beautiful images.  there is a need to have portraits of our families, of our children, our grandparents and parents and I love to capture portraits as well as the informal moments of interaction and connection between family members; the subtle glimpses, touches, moments shared and steps marched in unison.


a little bit about me personally......i am passionate about my heritage and sharing traditions with my little family of four.  we recently adopted a pooch, Healy, who you see pictured among the images above.  i have a slight {ok, huge} love affair with our cozy home in Charlotte, NC where i also love to garden year round, tend to our ladies of the Chick Inn and i love cooking and maybe one day you'll see a section called recipeography on this site.  i believe strongly in preserving our body's health through organic and nutrient rich natural foods.   i love to support local whenever I can and when i'm moved by a local entity doing something great, i love to spread the word and promote them in my community.  i am never without music, my family loves the  outdoors, and we recently purchased a little corner in this world that we like to call our country home and we retreat to it as often as possible.    i love coffee {in the morning} and oddly enough I crave green juice, especially with ginger in it!   I have always loved photography, beginning with high school yearbook. i loved the darkroom and waiting for the images to appear in the bath and then determining how to improve upon the image and repeating the processes until i felt it was in a final beautiful state.

now you know a little about me, please stop by my contact page and say hello and let me know what brought you to my page.  if you are seeking a photographer, please let me know what moments and memories you want to capture.